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Phuket CCTV and Alarm systems

Phuket Home and Business Security

Our Company has been in business in Phuket since 2001. We specialize in installation of Alarm systems and CCTV Surveillance Cameras for Hotels & Resorts, Business, Town homes & Condominiums. We install new CCTV digital surveillance systems & also service existing CCTV equipment. We provide IT service for the Hospitality industry, installation and maintenance for servers, fail over wan internet routers and voucher Wifi systems.


GPS trackers

The GPS tracker is a combination of a GPS receiver and a GSM mobile telephone. The tracker sends the received position data through the GSM network. Automatically receive car or boat positions. The personal tracker with alarm button is ideal to call for help with only one button to push. The position is send to the base station and the tracker calls the base station automatically for providing immediate assistance by voice in any emergency.

Video Surveillance

Monitor your business or home with surveillance camera system. Protect your property with advanced features of network cameras.. Anywhere in the world with an Internet connection are the cameras accessible to monitor your property in live or view previous recorded footage.

The Meitrack GPS tracker can be used to track your car or boat. Stop theft by disabling ignition. Reduce your  cost with Fleet Management software.

Home and Business Alarm System with Wireless Intrusion detectors and Glass Break Sensors. Send alerts to your mobile phone.

Wide range surveillance cameras. From low res CCTV to HDTV quality. Day and Night CCTV and IP cameras fixed or speed dome cameras with Pan Tilt Zoom control.

ZyXEL USG50 Internet Security Firewall Internet router with Dual-WAN ports, provides fail over internet access with 2 internet providers, reliable and safe internet access.

Data file server with reduncancy raid system, hot swap hard drives, Ideal for 24/7 operating, secure data for business, online hotel reservation systems Amadeus, Fidelio, POS systems.

UniFi is a revolutionary Wi-Fi access point which combines performance, unlimited scalability,and a virtual management controller. Voucher enabled WiFi for hotels, resorts and larger buildings.

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