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Security Professionals

Home and Business Security

Protect your home with our stand alone security systems or include the security system in one revolutionary media control center. Control all a/v sources, security system, house lighting with one remote control. Let video movies or TV news follow you in every room of your house. View from your bedroom the person at the door, live feed from all the IP cameras or earlier recorded motion detections from the security cameras inside and outside your house. Receive security alerts with your mobile phone with SMS or GPRS and view the life feed from IP cameras.


GPS Tracking in your yacht, car or in your pocket!

The GPS tracker is a combination of a GPS receiver and a GSM mobile telephone. The tracker sends the received position data through the GSM network. Automatically receive car or boat positions. The personal tracker with alarm button is ideal to call for help with only one button to push. The position is send to the base station and the tracker calls the base station automatically for providing immediate assistance by voice in any emergency.

Video Surveillance

Monitor your business or home with this IP camera system. Protect your property with advanced features of network cameras, the system can record automatically when it detects a movement in the whole visible area or in a small part like a door opening. Anywhere in the world with an Internet connection is the camera accessible with a user name and password to check your property in live or view previous recorded footage.

The Meitrack GPS tracker can be used to track your car or boat. Stop theft by disabling ignition. Reduce your  cost with Fleet Management software.

Home and Business Alarm System with Wireless Intrusion detectors and Glass Break Sensors. Send alerts to your mobile phone.

Professional range surveillance cameras. From 8 fps to 30 fps in DVD to HDTV quality. Day and Night IP cameras fixed or with Pan Tilt Zoom control.

The Smart House Server.You only need one for the whole house. It’s powerful, and can store a massive 12 Terra Bytes of media and stream movies.

Fiire controls your lighting and climate, all your a/v gear,your security system, surveillance cameras

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with the sophisticated functionality of a Biometric Access Control System.

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